New Layout & Questions


First things first (cause it surely can’t be second. Not sure why, but that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland). Anyway, if you visited my blog before, you’ve probably noticed that I changed my layout. If you’re new, guess what?! I’ve changed my layout!. The previous one I had was only temporary, as I always wanted a more custom layout for the Novel Nook. After a few days of searching, I found some templates and some images and put together the layout you see now. I like it because it’s simple. I would have preferred it to be not so pink, but it’s still ok. Do you like it?

Now, onto the second point of this blog; I have a few questions I’d like to ask you all. If you have a few minutes to spare, I’d really appreciate the feedback/advice.
  1. Do you like the header images at the start of each of my posts? (eg. Cover Crazy, In My Mailbox, I.R.L, etc).
  2. For In My Mailbox, do you prefer photos of the books, or internet covers?
  3. What kind of Teaser Tuesday teasers do you like? (ie. plot hints, fun quotes, thought provoking).
  4. What would you like to see more/less of here at the Novel Nook?
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  6. Most bloggers are posting a review a week. I enjoy reading, but consider myself on the slower side. How can I improve my reading speed?
  7. Books are expensive, where do you purchase your books from?
  8. There are a lot of big book conventions in the USA. I live in Australia, are there any big events/signings here? (I have only been able to find a couple of local signings so far this year).
  9. And finally, are you a cat or a dog person?
The first set of questions were more about the blog, and the others more about reading and books in general (except for the last one, that one is just for fun :P). I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback in the comments below (or email me if you'd prefer).



  1. Your new look is very pretty! And so are your post header images.
    I like internet covers of books, only because they are usually clearer.
    I wouldn't worry about the speed of your reading, and how often you post reviews. But I find that you can get a lot of reading done if you pick up your book and read a page or two anytime you have the chance. You don't necessarily need to sit and read a whole lot at a time. Of course, this only works if you can quickly and easily remember where you are, and what's going on.
    I'm a dog person.

  2. Oh, so cute! I do like your new layout. :)

    I like the picture header things at the beginning of your posts.

    I usually prefer internet pictures of the books. If you take good pics, then I like real pictures too.

    I wouldn't worry about the speed at which you read. We're all different! I honestly don't care how often someone posts a review either. As long as they love what they are doing with their blog, it shows! quality over quantity.

    I don't care for teaser tuesday, so I have no advice there. I know lots of people do though!

    I get my books from a local bookstore that often has books on sale and used books in great condition. I also really love Borders! they send out great coupons, sometimes up to 40% off! Amazon is decent, but my books don't always come in perfect condition, and that kind of bugs me.

    I have no idea about signings in Australia. :( I'm lucky that authors tend to like coming to the area I'm in.

    I like both, but I guess I'm more a cat person. :)

    I like your blog, and nothing i said was meant in a way that means I think you should change anything. They are just my preferences.

  3. I LOVE the new layout. I think the emblem at the top is simple but it still makes a statement and your entire blog layout is really welcoming and fresh, I love that about it!

    I do like header images at the beginning of the posts, only because it gives me something to recognize when I'm searching for blogs to read in google reader. For In My Mailbox, I usually prefer internet pictures because they're clear, but I just started taking pictures of my books and I know from your comment on my post that you liked those better lol.

    I don't usually read Teaser Tuesdays... I think it's because I find the logo they use unappealing.. But when I do, I like the funny quotes that make me lol. I'm not the fastest reader in the world either but I find it helps to read more than one book at a time, for me at least, (which I see you're already doing:) and it keeps my interest more and I feel like I get through books faster.

    I purchase half of my books from a local discount bookstore where they have used and new books, I've found great books there! And half of them I buy from Amazon. As Jennifer A said, they're not always in tip top shape but I just return them if they're really bad. I've only had that happen once! There's also the Book Depository which has free shipping anywhere in the world. I haven't used them as of yet but I hear great things about them.

    I am a dog person but I have a cat! It's a conundrum I know but I would prefer a dog any day! (Even though I deeply love my cat).


  4. Hi Alisa,

    Thanks for following my blog :) I'm following back!

    I love how you took the time to compile these questions and directly asked your readers. It's a fantastic idea.

    I love your layout. It's simple and clean, but very cute. The colors aren't overwhelmingly pink, but more subtle so it's calming. I love the little birds on the side, and how its the same bird but its in a different position. sooo cute. (okay, I'm done gushing about your layout)

    Your header images for IMM, Teaser Tues and such are good because they each have a similar theme going on.

    For IMM I prefer internet pictures (yet, I go out and take pictures hmmmm...)because they are clear. Teaser Tue I like funny or beautiful quotes. Something that really sticks out in the book.

    Reading slowly isn't a crime. I read multiple books at one time to keep things interesting. I also have the books are expensive bug. It sucks :( I order most (if not all) of the books I read through the library. I live in a large city so I have access to a variety of books. If the library doesn't have what I'm looking for I plan on buying eventually.

    Cat person. Though I own a dog, who is a beast and molests small children.

    ~Trish Just a YA Girl

  5. Love your new design, it's so pretty! I'm a big fan of pink myself. I like the headers, for IMM I prefer nice photos, and I don't usually read Teaser Tuesday (on any blogs).
    You should read at your own pace but for me I always have a book with me and if I have a few moments spare I dive in. Multitasking helps too (eg taking it to the gym).
    As for where I buy books,I actually wrote a post on it! But I'd definitely recommend if you know which book you want - you just type it in the search bar and it does all the work for you, finding the online store with the cheapest price and shipping! I love it.
    I don't know about book events, I'd like to find out myself!
    I'm a dog person. Not a fan of cats!

  6. That url was meant to be, sorry!