Review Policy

I have become quite the ‘bookworm’ over the past several years. A few years ago I decided to share my book experiences with others, and so The Novel Nook was born.

If you are a publisher and would like me to review a piece of work, I would be happy to hear from you. Currently, I am only accepting print copies of books, including ARCs, finished copies, and titles that have already been released.

Recently I have been reading and enjoying a lot of Young Adult novels. However I read from a variety of genres. I also have a Bachelor degree in Primary Education, and would love to expand to texts or stories that I can utilise within my classroom (either as stimulus or direct teaching material). Feel free to contact me, even if you are unsure if I would be interested, I am always open to reading new things.


All reviews are my honest opinion, and this will never change. Reading is my hobby, and as such I do not claim to be a professional reviewer.

I aim to read and review prior to a piece's release date in my country; but this cannot always be guaranteed, unless discussed prior to me receiving the book for review. I only review books that I have read in full, no half reviews or ratings will be posted.

Reviews are posted in full here at The Novel Nook, and in part on Goodreads with links back to the full review here. Upon request, I am able to post a summarised review on the publishers website and up to two(2) online book retailers' sites.
(at present, I am unable to post reviews to Amazon).

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about sending me books to review, please email Alisa at Thank you!

(updated 15/01/12) *Review policy is subject to change at my discretion